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Damn! is a traditional hot sauce of exceptional quality, which is distinguished by its balanced taste, very lightly vinegared, with nice and warm the habanero chili spice

It contains only natural fresh quality foods: carrots, peppers, habaneros, onions, garlic, lime juice, honey, vinegar and salt.
The main objective is to offer a product of the highest possible quality, which does not mask the taste of the dish, but gives it quite the little "kick" to make it an exciting meal.
This sauce gives life to everything: a simple grilled-cheese turns into a 'trip' to the taste buds, Mexican dishes make sense, the Tartars are nothing banal, the eggs in the morning wake up the sleepy cowboy, in short, everything becomes best and make you think: Damn tastes good!
For now I offer 2 variants: the classic and the extra-strong. The only difference is that the extra-strong contains 3 times more peppers habaneros, for true lovers of spice!

Courriel : saucedamn@gmail.com
Téléphone : 418 693-2451
Site Web: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SaucesDamn/about/?ref=page_internal
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