Domaine l'Orée des Bois - Coffrets du Royaume Domaine l'Orée des Bois
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Domaine l'Orée des Bois

In 1996, Lyna Bouchard and her spouse Eric Perreault, young valiant passionate couple, decide to settle in the house family, erected to the North of the Lake St-Jean, belonging to the family of Lyna.
Unoccupied for more than fifteen years, the house had a certain charm and a strong potential for the small family. The grandparents lived on the premises in the house next door. For 2 years, it was the work of renovation of the house, while beginning gardening and implantation of small fruit orchards in their fields.
With the agreement of the grandparents, a first parcel of raspberries and saskatoons was implemented in 2001. In 2002, they acquired the parcel of land, the latter was abandoned for more than 40 years.
Buildings in construction, from project to project, to harvest crops, we are now in the world of the spirits of the terroir where Eric is the cellar master and excels in the field work. Lyna takes care of vegetables, the management and manufacturing of products, promotion and marketing of the store component and the artistic side that she is particularly fond. Children are involved each in their own way and according to their preferences.
2015: Official year, many dreams have become reality and agritourism is located there.
Located in Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, the north bank of Lac St-Jean, at the limit of the parallel 49 th, the place where nature, nordicity and heritage predominate. L'Orée Des Bois is : an authentic encounter with northern agriculture! A fruity getaway you'll remember!

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